School Nurse Staffing

School Nurse Staffing

Clinical Resources School Nurse Staffing Program was developed to provide school districts with cost-effective and reliable personnel, backed by nurses who understand the special needs of the students.

We have proven our ability to attract the best nurses nationwide. Our team remains loyal to us and serves our clients with exceptional abilities. The demand for school nurses has increased, and only Clinical Resources can recruit adequate nurses to meet the demand. Why? Nurses like working for Nurses!

How We Differentiate
Clinical Resources is committed to providing the most competent, reliable and dedicated school nurses to ensure the delivery of safe, quality services to the students they serve. Working with our nation’s youth is special, so we select and work with only the best. We ensure this by conducting rigorous and comprehensive staff training, skills validation, competency testing and assessments. Few companies offer the same, with Clinical Resources, school systems can be certain that we will:

  • Recruit, screen, and hire only the most competent and qualified school nurses
  • Orient and train the school nurses to our company’s high standards and specific school district requirements, as well as the unique and special needs of the students they serve
  • Create a strong relationship with the school district by providing a dedicated Health Services Director, a Nurse Manager with extensive leadership and management abilities
  • Provide competent and reliable services to students in keeping with the IEPs while nurturing relationships with the students and faculty alike

Our services include:

  • A Clinical Program Director or Health Services Director
  • Customized training
  • Fluency testing in various languages
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Nurse Testing
  • Ongoing oversight
Clinical Resources, LLC
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